About Us

We are a group of model aircraft enthusiasts who have come together to enjoy the pleasure of building and flying radio-controlled model aircraft as well as the comradeship and thrill of competition that our hobby/sport offers. Our club has been in existence for more than two decades and we have the privilege of flying from our own beautiful flying site (graciously leased to us by the Port of Port Angeles) located adjacent to the William R. Fairchild International Airport on the western outskirts of Port Angeles. Our members range in age from 13 to 77, and in occupation from school students to retired professionals. We have regular meetings throughout the year at the Port Angeles Public Library, and enthusiastically encourage the interested and/or just curious to attend.

The models that the members build and fly are as varied as the interests and needs of the flyers. A frequent model seen at the field is the high-winged monoplane. This stable, docile aircraft closely resembles the ever-popular Piper Cub. This type of model is often the best choice for the pilot just acquiring his flying skills. Another popular plane is the so-called "warbird". These planes gained fame through their performance in WW1 and WWII. Often, these models are highly detailed especially with regard to armaments and accurate group markings. A third type of model is designed and built with excellent performance in mind, whether it be speeding down the racecourse or agility in executing breath-taking aerobatics. All of these models may vary greatly in size, from a small model spanning about three feet and weighing about two pounds, to a giant eight-footer weighing in the neighborhood of twenty-five pounds. We fly a pizza box, which is a two-foot square of plastic cardboard. Sometimes aircraft show up that have no wings at all! (That's right, helicopters) In the hobby at large, really huge "models" up to 50% the size of full scale planes are not unknown.

If you would like to watch us in action, speak to the members, and check out the planes, visit us at the field. The field is just a few minutes from the center of town: Drive out Highway 101, make a right onto Airport Road, then a left to Edgewood Road, then after a mile or so, a right onto Critchfield Road, drive 300 yards, and there we are.


Club Officers

President: Leland Cox

Vice President: Bob Williams

Secretary / Treasurer: Ed Phillips

Safety Officers: Al Gross, Bob Walter

Newsletter Editor: Ed Phillips

Safety Coordinator: Al Gross


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